How God is changing Me!


To begin, leading me back into fellowship, for it is there, not only where He wants me to be, but where He knows my needs will be met.  Sharing with like-minded, encouragers, overseers of His Word under strong, purposeful, obedient, yielding leadership – He ‘knew’ and ‘knows’ I need ‘that place’ – The place where I could experience “touching Heaven” whilst endeavouring to rise up and take my place in the army that’s “taking earth”.

Touching Heaven…what does that feel like?  Well for me, it’s incredibly difficult to put into scholarly terms, so what I will do is tell you a little of my experience.  I know God’s hand has been upon me my whole life, too many years to put down here, maybe some other time…where it has got incredibly exciting is right about when life got incredibly confusing and difficult! No surprise there for some reading this.  Easy is just easy, but difficult has multiple layers!  I think I probably had got to the final layer of the onion layer in terms of difficult and then…something changed.  Did all my woes, tears, pain and awkward circumstances disappear?  Absolutely not!  But, and here’s the deal breaker… but because in ‘His complete wisdom’, He got me grounded under His chosen leadership (Bless you Pastor and Mrs W!) I stopped drifting, (not so sure I’ve stopped kicking yet!) I was hearing things that not only comforted me, but challenged me also.  I like a good challenge, not so sure I was banking on the ‘taking earth’ challenge, but I so wanted to ‘touch heaven’!!!

(and not be afraid)

Anyway, countless blessings have happened and continue to happen to me and for me, but what has got me truly excited is the past 4 – 5 weeks, man what an experience!  I have always prayed, for ‘eyes that see, ears that hear, a heart that is open and a will that is willing…well let me tell you, in my book that’s an awesome prayer, because awesome things have happened more evidently (to the human eye, ear and heart).  In the recent weeks…when two or three are gathered, small crowd, right?  Well not for God or His heavenly hosts.  Have you been part of a heavenly choir giving praise to God?  I have.  With truthful, honest, from the heart praise in my church, I heard angels giving praise with me!  With my family, in my church, yeah I took a second listen and yeah I heard them! I was worshipping with the multitudes, the heavenly hosts above, with a handful of brothers and sisters.

For those who think church is dead, I challenge you, pray my prayer and seek God, He will show you different.  I have felt the Holy presence of my Heavenly Father, the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the healing power of my Saviour, Jesus Christ, most prominently in the last few weeks than ever before!  Yeah, broken hearts, broken bones and disease can be healed, but so can confidence, self-esteem, trust and joy can be restored.

I have been brought to the place where I am happy to get on my knees and not care what another has thought. I have been touched by God and am not afraid to say it. He has allowed me to ‘touch heaven’ and is equipping me to assist with ‘taking earth’.

That, my friends is how He is massively changing me.  Without Him, I am nothing and many do not understand that, but thankfully I have a living relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth, “in him all things are possible”, so those that today do not understand my relationship with Him, in His time according to His will, will know the truth and understand it.


Sally, 15/06/2016